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Residents advised to win broadband survey pace examine

fayetteville — Fayette County residents will locate whatever added in their tax bills this month: a small postcard with a hyperlink to the WV Broadband Survey Enhancement Council’s BEC broadband pace look at various and survey

if you would not have access to cyber web service at your home, please call 304-558-2234 to complete the survey.

here is the reason we need you to prefer the velocity check http://happybet188.net/ and fill out the survey.

local information superhighway businesses are best required to deliver the Federal Communications commission FCC with assistance with the aid of census blocks. due to this fact, the maps posted through the FCC overstate the authentic variety of households with broadband service. as an example, if one family or business in a census block has broadband, the entire census block is proven having maximum speeds entry regardless of the carrier or lack of provider to the other buildings within the census block.

“In my census block, there are six buildings which have high speed provider and forty buildings which don’t have any service. according to the FCC maps, my census block shows all and sundry with 25-megabyte service,” observed Jeff Proctor, a member of the Broadband Enhancement Council.

To greater take note who has provider and which speeds can be found in Fayette County, Commissioner Matt Wender is asking everyone who has broadband service to assume the speed verify and fill out the six-question survey as commonly as possible over the next a number of months. It most effective takes a few minutes and your counsel is covered.

Fayette County residents who do not have entry to broadband should still both call the West Virginia Commerce cell quantity on the card and ask one of the vital Broadband Enhancement Council personnel to name you returned. Please go away your highway tackle, cellphone quantity and sort of carrier accessible. Or consume your broadband access at work, a public entry, corresponding to a library, or your shiny telephone to entry

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